Created to Dream Small Groups

October 2, 2023 7:00 - 8:30pm

8905 Ox Road, Lorton, VA, USA

Join us for the church-wide seven-week series starting with the kick-off message on Sunday, October 1st! We are forming small groups to go through the Created to Dream study together and we hope you will join us! All of our current small groups will be going through this study together starting the week of October 2nd. If you are not already in a small group, please sign up to be a part of this life-changing study.

“When God wants to work in your life, he gives you a dream about what he wants you to do and the impact he wants you to have in the world.” – Pastor Rick Warren

The Bible is full of stories of people whose God-given dreams became reality—but not without first going through the six phases of faith: Dream, Decision, Delays, Difficulties, Dead Ends, and finally, Deliverance. In Created to Dream Series, we will explore how God uses these phases to grow people to spiritual maturity while fulfilling the dreams He gives them. Each phase is a test of your faith.

Knowing these biblical six phases of faith will allow you to stop wondering, “Why is this happening to me?” and begin cooperating with God’s process of growing you and your faith. You’ll find yourself thinking, “So that’s why that happened!” and you’ll be prepared for all that God has dreamed up for your future.