National Foster Care Month

In May, we celebrate National Foster Care Month. In Northern Virginia alone, there are over 1300 children in foster care. Have you considered how you might be able to make an impact?

Did you know 50% of foster parents quit within the first year?

What would change that statistic?

Care Communities! Research has shown that if foster parents have a community of loving support around them, over 90% of them continue to foster children in their homes.

Everyone can do something. At New Hope, we are committed to loving vulnerable children and supporting the families who walk alongside them through foster care.
There are lots of ways to get involved. Being part of a Care Community means you will receive training and support on how you can best support foster families. You can show support by providing meals, doing yard work, driving kids to appointments, being a homework helper, or fixing something around the house. It’s all about bringing your talents and abilities and connecting you with families who need them! Everyone can do something.

Visit our table in front of the fireplace on Sunday, May 7th or click the button to join in and learn more!