Walk 4 Water

June 13, 2023  |  New Hope Church

8905 Ox Road, Lorton, VA, USA

Thanks to your donations, the village of Obiyat in remote Uganda, Africa, will soon have access to clean, safe water. Your financial contributions have exceeded $14,500, meaning a well will be placed in their village. We need an additional $9,500 to reach our goal and put a life-saving well in the village of Kadanya and remote Uganda, Africa.

Every day, women and children in developing nations face the task of walking long distances, approximately 3.7 miles, to fetch water. Unfortunately, this water is often contaminated with dangerous diseases that threaten their lives. To make matters worse, the containers they use to carry the water weigh almost 40 pounds, adding to the physical strain and time commitment of this responsibility.

We have an opportunity to alleviate some of their burden by contributing to their cause. For every pound of water these women and children carry each day, we can donate $1. By donating $40, a relatively small sacrifice for us, we can directly impact the people of Kadanya and Obiyat villages in Uganda, providing them with the life-saving gift of clean, safe water.

Our goal is to raise an additional $9,500 to construct a deep-water borehole (well) that will serve thousands of people in Kadanya. Currently, these individuals suffer from a lack of access to clean water, which plunges them into extreme poverty and exposes them to preventable illnesses and even death due to contaminated water.

If you would like to contribute, please click the button below today and purchase as many $40 tax-deductible vouchers as you can. Your generosity will bless these villages and make a significant difference in the lives of the people living there.