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We’re dedicated to providing a place for students (6th -12th grade) to connect with God.

The Student Ministry is for 6th – 12th graders. We are dedicated to providing an environment that is safe, fun, engaging, and attractive to all students. We also strive to help our students grow in their relationship with Jesus, learn how to use and apply what is written in the Bible to their lives, learn how to serve and give generously, and connect with other students and adult leaders through authentic, nurturing relationships.

​The students meet on Sunday nights. Doors open at 5:45 with a social gathering, games, and fun to provide a time for the students to interact and hang out. We begin our services at 6:00 which include music, bible teaching, application, and games. After the service, we break into small groups to connect with other students and adult leaders, discuss the lesson and figure out how to apply it to our lives, dig deeper into the Bible and prayer, and have fun with games and activities. We wrap up around 7:45 pm.


Fear is common in our lives today. We can be filled with anxiety as we fear failure and a lack of identity and purpose. In this three-week series, we’ll look at how our relationship with Jesus can help us fight our fears, find peace, and gain purpose.

Fear of Anxiety: Being still with Jesus helps us fight the fear of anxiety. We will look at what anxiety is and what the Bible says about being still and resting in Jesus’ comfort when we might spiral into anxious situations during our first week.

Fear of Failure: Knowing we can always come to Jesus helps us fight the fear of failure. In our second week, we discuss the fear of failure. What happens when we are faced with high-pressure situations and feel stuck because we are afraid to fail? We’ll look at what the Bible has to say and how we can gain confidence knowing that we can always turn to Jesus.

Fear of Worthlessness: When we find our identity in Jesus, we fight the fear of worthlessness. We wrap up the series by talking about where we find our self-worth. We fear feeling worthless when we seek approval from the wrong people and things in our lives. Only when we find our identity in Jesus will we defeat the fear of worthlessness.


Get details about what we are learning each week and ideas on how to continue the conversation at home with your teenager!


Engage with God’s Word throughout the week by reading and interacting with the Daily Devotions. 

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