Student Ministry

We’re dedicated to providing a place for students (6th -12th grade) to connect with God.

The Student Ministry is for 6th – 12th graders. We are dedicated to providing an environment that is safe, fun, engaging, and attractive to all students. We also strive to help our students grow in their relationship with Jesus, learn how to use and apply what is written in the Bible to their lives, learn how to serve and give generously, and connect with other students and adult leaders through authentic, nurturing relationships.

​The students meet on Sunday nights. Doors open at 5:45 with a social gathering, games, and fun to provide a time for the students to interact and hang out. We begin our services at 6:00 which include music, bible teaching, application, and games. After the service, we break into small groups to connect with other students and adult leaders, discuss the lesson and figure out how to apply it to our lives, dig deeper into the Bible and prayer, and have fun with games and activities. We wrap up around 7:45 pm.


We all have a tendency to hate on others and be pretty quick to judge. In some ways, we thrive on it because we live in a world that loves to hate. The problem is that we were made for a different kind of world—a world designed for love, not hate. But loving others isn’t always easy. How do we love people who drive us crazy? How do we tell someone the truth without sounding like a hater? How do we love the unlovable? In this series, we’ll explore what it looks like to lead with love rather than judgment and make a move toward landing on the right side of the line between love and hate. Join us on Sunday nights from 5:45-7:45 for games, food, worship, a message on Love and Hate, and small group discussions.


The Parent Cue is where both parents and students can have a point of conversation about the subject matter and learn from each other


The content for each week’s devotionals is developed through the filter of what we call the Four Faith Skills, specific prompts designed to help you grow in four areas of your faith.

HEAR prompts you toward Scripture or points you toward God’s creation.
TALK prompts you to talk to someone about your faith, to ask people questions, or to have a conversation with someone about faith.
LIVE prompts you to respond to your faith through worship and service.
PRAY prompts you to pray with people or by yourselves, through writing or speaking out loud.

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