Children's Ministry

9 Month Olds through 5th Grade

Children's Ministry at New Hope is age-appropriately designed for kids from 9 month olds to 5th grade. It is a place where you will hear a lot of laughter and see a lot of love in action. Our goal is to teach our children about Jesus and help them grow in their relationship with Him. We teach our children in ways that are fun, exciting, and relational. We want to enter into their world so we can then speak to them about the world Jesus wants for them. We use games, toys, creative play, books, music, videos, drama, art, and discussion.

Our hope is that by using the weekly resources below that children can safely investigate what a lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ could mean as we train up the next generation of fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.


You Can Join Our Children’s Programs Two Ways


Join us for in-person children’s programs during the 9 and 11 am services. Parents can check kids in as early as 15 mins before the service. First time guests click here to let us know you are coming.


Click here to watch on-demand anytime during the week. Watch the Bible Story video with your child and the download additional resources provided to get ideas on how to continue the conversation and the learning at home, during the week.

Partnering With Parents

Partnering With Parents

Working together with our parents is vital to the success of our programs.  It is most helpful when parents try to bring their children to the same service each week. We try to provide as much consistency with our volunteers. We feel that consistency helps to build trust and relationships and that relationships are key to growing in our faith. 

We also believe that we should make the most of every minute with our kids, so being on time is important as well. We want to be a resource for you as you bring up your children to know who Jesus is and how much he loves them.  We want to partner with you, not take your place.  Other than the Holy Spirit, you play the biggest role in your child’s journey to know who Jesus is and what He has done.  We feel it is our job to come along side you and help you lead and guide your children to a relationship with Jesus. It’s our commitment to stand beside you and help you anyway we can.  All of our programs are staffed by volunteers. Many of them are parents like you.  If you would like to join our team, please click here to email us and we will get you all of the information.

Consider joining the new “Parents of New Hope” group on Facebook by clicking here. We connect with parents and share insights, ideas, support, and announcements that are relevant to raising children in our community. This is a “closed” group to keep us safe from spamming, but everyone who parents and attends New Hope, is thinking about attending, or used to attend, is welcome!
Safety and Security

Most parents want to know that they are leaving their kids in a secure environment.  To ensure that safety, we have a secure check in/check out procedure, as well as policies and procedures for bathroom and diaper changing, cleaning toys and linens, and sickness. 

Children’s check-in begins 15 minutes before the service begins.  Children, volunteers, shadows, and visiting parents who wish to remain in any Children’s Ministry area during a service must check in.  All must wear a nametag while in Children’s Ministry areas.  Children left in Children’s Ministry will receive a nametag with a security code.  The adult or youth checking the child in will receive a sticker with the same code.  The sticker with the matching code must be presented to pick up the child.  In case of emergency, we have a place on the nametag for allergies. Parents of children two years old and younger, receive a pager in case the need arises to contact the parent during the service.

Children go to the bathroom on their own with leader supervision outside the door. When children need assistance, a leader may enter the bathroom to help with the door remaining open and within plain eyesight of another adult.  Children should never go into the bathroom stall with another child, youth, or adult and shut the door.  

In regards to cleanliness and health, we do everything possible to ensure a healthy environment for our kids and volunteers.  All linens are washed after each use.  Baby toys are sanitized after each service. Other toys are cleaned on a regular basis and more frequently as needed.  Hand sanitizer dispensers are mounted on the walls throughout the Children’s Ministry areas.  Children and adults who are sick, have fever, rash, diarrhea, or vomiting are not permitted in Children’s Ministry areas.

Volunteer Requirements

Most parents are interested in who is volunteering with their kids.  We take safety and character development very seriously. Here’s a check-list we use with our volunteers before allowing anyone to serve in Children’s Ministry.

  • Attend New Hope Church for a minimum of three months

  • Complete “Permission to Obtain a Background Check” form

  • Sign “Volunteer Partnership Agreement”

  • Read and agree to “ Children’s Ministry Volunteer Policy and Procedure Manual”

  • Participate in training before serving

  • Agree to provide an environment that is consistent with the Children’s Ministry Values

  • Volunteer leaders agree to the Children’s Ministry Leadership Covenant

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