Heart Attitudes

The only way for New Hope (or any church) to have a God-honoring/Christ-centered community is by radically living out these Heart Attitudes.

New Hope's Heart Attitudes

We are all aware of the critical need in our nation and world for people to live together in peace, harmony, and respect. This kind of community is a longing that will never be fulfilled with hope alone. What is required is a set of principles to base this community on and the power to actually live them out. This is where followers of Jesus have a distinct advantage. He not only taught us how to live together, but also offers the ability to do it. His church is called to be an example of what genuine community can be and the Heart Attitudes are how we are called to live.

We have broken the statements into two categories: Be and Do. The “Be” statements speak to some of the character traits that should define us as believers in Jesus. The “Do” statements reflect actions that we believe should do the same.

Christians are often poor representatives to the world of the heart of Christ. What would it look like if we made a concerted effort as a church to change that? Think of the impact on our families, our relationships, our church, and our community.


Put the goals and interests of others above your own. Deliberately choosing to value and respect others more than myself. Not just in big ticket choices but the on-going little ones. 

Scripture References:  Philippians 2:3-4Romans 12:10



Live an honest, open life before God and others. Not indiscriminately transparent. Motivated by love and integrity being real, genuine, and honest about our lives.

Scripture References: Ephesians 4:25;James 5:16


Give and receive Biblical correction. We all are called to follow in full surrender to Christ and we have the privilege and responsibility to help each other along the way.


Make relationships right. No one can experience a close relationship with God if they aren’t doing all they can to make relationships right in His eyes.

Scripture References:  Matthew 5:23-241 John 4:20


Help wherever needed. The question shouldn’t be “what do I want to do?” the right question is “What needs to be done?” For more about serving, click here.

Scripture References:  1 Peter 4:10Romans 12:1-5Ephesians 4:16


Support the church financially. My faithfulness in giving is first and foremost a clear indicator of my love and obedience for Christ. Secondly it supports the mission we’ve been entrusted with. For more about giving, click here.


Follow spiritual leadership within Biblical limits. Following church leaders is how to stay in favor with Jesus. Following leadership faithfully is also the pathway to being a leader.

Scripture References:  Hebrews 13:7, 171 Thessalonians 5:121 Peter 5:1,5